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2016 Team USA 2016 Olympian 3X World Champion 6X world team member Women's Freestyle Wrestling Adeline Gray Bio3X World Champion (2012, 2014, 2015) 2X Bronze Medalist (2011, 2013) 6X World Teams Media & sponsor request-

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Oct 2017

I am now married to my amazing husband Damaris, he is a captain in the Army.

I was hired as an assistant coach at Wyoming Seminary under Coach Erin Vandiver in PA. #SemStrong

Started my Masters in Project Management (MPM) with Keller Graduate School #DeVry #KellerGrad

I am back to training and competing. Please check out USA Wrestling for big events coming near you. I will be in LA Oct 29, Colorado Springs Nov. 2, Russia Dec 2, AZ Dec 27, Canada Jan 1, HI Jan 9, Sweden middle of Feb and later in the year Las Vegas, NYC and more!

Jan 2017

After the biggest year of my life I am taking so much needed me time to recover. From graduating from DeVry University with my degree in Business to going to the Olympics to getting engaged- it all has been felt and earned. I am so excited to get to call myself a college graduate, an Olympian, and fiance. The traveling has been great but the friends and family I have been able to spend time with has been life changing in a great way. We always say we will make time and go visit but do we get around to it often enough or ever? I have been blessed with a few more days with my great Aunt before she past away and I was able to see my friends growing family. I became a dog in NYC best friend whenever his owner were not in sight and did a month of yoga. I stayed off the mat then checked in with myself physically and mentally and realised I needed some work after the NYAC tournament. Two surgeries later and some much needed soul searching, I am on the mend and coming to terms with missing this season. Planning a big wedding and going on trips of a life time in-between some low key competitive card games with my parents I am happy. I am not on the mat but I am involved; I have volunteered for a few committees including USA Wrestling Long Range Planning and USAW Women's Sport Committee. I am working closely with Wrestle Like A Girl and getting inspired by young athletes and older coaches everywhere with budding opportunities I have only dreamed of being within reach. 

I want you all to know I will be back, but my body and doctors told me it will take time. My shoulder surgery has me down but getting stronger each day. Take care and support a female athlete in your life to dream bigger and to stay confident!

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